Naruto 665 Confirmed – Sasuke and Naruto

Kishi is bringing rikudo ninja tools and it looks that Kishi might try a big ass pull using those tools to seal away madara uchiha, naruto chapter 665 nobody cares about the brothers or the ninja tools unless Kishi will use them in s near future. Cue Gai going 8 gates, Cut away to the after life, Sasuke and Naruto chatting with so6p about the combined power of themselves. Throw Itachi in ther for sasuke to have a heart to heart, Throw Jiraiya in there for the same emotional boost.Bijuu Yang power will filter into naruto, making 2 sages. Sasuke getting Rinnegan respectively. and TEAMWORK will defeat 1 man’s ideals.

naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665

Isn’t that the whole point of the manga, as well as the embodiment of Naruto’s character? That all may be true, but the point is at least to preserve the world to at least the safe prosperity in which another Madara/Obito don’t appear. If Sasuke stays the way he is now, the story succeeded to some degree. There will always be hatred, but the story wants to cope with it and survive it, not to be consumed by it.No they didn’t. How did they have choice if they were forced into human bodies? Why would he? They never talked to him except showing authority and using him. He was surprised that someone like Naruto actually wants to help him rather than use him or manipulate him.Itachi was also a missing-nin. In Konoha’s pov, that could’ve been two birds shot with one stone because they knew he was going to find Itachi. I think he became more dangerous in Konoha’s pov for becoming Oro’s student. But in the end Tsuande indulged Naruto because, well, it’s Naruto. And like I said, if he stays the same, Tsunade will have made a good decision.He would, but this seems like it’s a done deal, specially now that the ultimate threat arrived.
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